Killed or captured: The Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the fate of the occupiers near Liman

Killed or captured: The Ukrainian Armed Forces told about the fate of the invaders near Liman

AFU physically destroyed part of the Russian invaders in the direction of Liman. This was stated on the air of the telethon by the speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces Sergei Cherevaty, channel 24 reports. Russian occupiers – «mobiles», 752nd motorized rifle regiment, unit «Bars-13», «Russian Legion» and «Union of Volunteers of Donbass».

Thus, some of the invaders were destroyed, someone was taken prisoner. Part was able to leave in columns or small groups. Separate groups of invaders are trying to take up defense in Kremennaya.

At the same time, the speaker noted that at the moment Ukrainian servicemen are catching the remnants of the occupiers (they are in the forests), are engaged in demining the territory – there are a lot of mines of various types, trip wires, «petals».< /p>

  • Wreckage of a Russian Su-34 bomber found in Liman.

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