Kivičs is currently swimming in money and looking at the poor from above in “Factor X”

Kivičs is currently swimming in money and looking at the poor from above in “Factor X”

“After the whim. This is exactly what it looks like” – the artist chose such a caption for the image with banknotes on the floor. Kivičs and Skulme immediately managed to earn several hundred by performing on the periphery of Latvia. On social networks, this Kiiviča record has also caused a smile, they say, this is what the money intended for alimony looks like …

We have 20 gigs a month, but where are the ikss factors?

However, Kivičs and Skulme did not end their Sunday rest with a swim in the money. In the evening, the artists discussed the TV3 show “X Factor” on Facebook, in which the winner was determined. Although Liene Skulme points out that this show is never turned on in their homes, Kivičs expressed his opinion about the quality of this show and the prospects for its participants: ” that the main question in this braid is whether you have a hit, Busulis might not know it (he hasn’t written anything about it), but Sējāns could politely share what is (not) waiting for the new ones in the future. is written in the eyes, “tough on his brothers is Kiwic.

He discussed the show with his beloved on social networks, supplementing the recordings with pictures describing the evening, for example, Kiwich watches the NE “X factor” on TV, but his back is decorated with love-deep deep scratching furrows:

Liene Skulme, who helped Kivičs forge a substantial amount of money during the holidays, also has a say in the “X factor”. Liene says: “That’s right, Sirsniņ! I have to admit that I can’t watch the Latvian version of the show. It is not turned on in our homes. You have to do everything yourself to have it, that’s the idea, you have to work hard. [..] it’s not about the bath. It ‘s about having those people what to put on bread in the future and having bread, “explains the artist.

Kiivi concluded his productive Sunday with the conclusion that he has 20 concerts a month, he enjoys life. But where, for example, would be the winner of the 2018 “X factor”?

“Factor X” wins by Elīna Glazunova has already announced that the third season of the domestic music show is over and Elīna Gluzunova became the winner and the main prize – a contract with the record company “Sony” and 10,000 euros – was won, Diāna Paško took the second place, Klāvs Ozols took the third place.

The third season finale of the show “X Factor”

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Aija Auškāpas team finalist Diāna Paško was the first to take the stage, performing Shera’s song “Strong Enough”, which the artist dedicated to herself, telling that during her childhood she was very unsure and very demanding of herself. And this song serves as a confirmation to the young musician that he has to believe in himself. With the second song in the evening of the final, Diana fulfilled her childhood dream, performing the song “Coal” together with the Latvian supergroup “Brainstorm”.

Renārs Kaupers, the soloist of the group “Brainstorm”, also admitted that he keeps his thumbs up for Diana to succeed both in “Factor X” and on other stages.

Reina Sējāns’ team finalist Elīna Gluzunova was emotionally thrilled with Zigmars Liepiņš’s song “Zibsni’s Stars” together with the choir “Mask”. Elīna’s mentor convincingly stated that Elīna is ready not only for big stages, but also for music in its widest manifestations. There was also a performance by Elīna together with mentor Rein and his group “Instruments”, performing the song “HES un Tu”, after which Intars Busulis, jumping to his feet, called it “Ideal”!

The finalist of Marata Ogļezņeva’s team Klāvs Ozols performed the legendary hit “The Beatles” “Hey Jude” as the first song, which raised the audience in the hall, as well as earned a clearly positive evaluation from the jury. Intars Busulis admitted that he has seen Klava in a new image – serious and mature. For the second time in the semi-finals, Klāvs Ozols took the stage together with the singer Aminats, performing the song “Love Injected”, which, according to the jury, was a real “pleasure to the ears”.

After the performance, Aminata also praised Klava, saying that he was ready for the big stage. However, after the audience vote, Klāvs took the third place and withdrew from the fight in the super final.

Diāna Paško competed in the super final with Elīna Gluzunova. Diāna Paško performed Sam Smith’s lyric “I’m Not the Only One”, while Elīna climbed the stage with Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, which also secured Elīna a victory in the show.

“Factor X” third season closing party

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