Klitschko: 31 rockets flew to Kyiv, 21 were shot down

Klitschko: 31 missiles flew at Kyiv, 21 were shot down

< p>Today 31 Russian missiles flew to Kyiv, 21 missiles were shot down. This was announced by the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko.

«According to information from the military — 31 rockets flew to Kyiv, 21 rockets were shot down. Multiple hits on critical infrastructure. Now part of the city is de-energized. There is no water supply, employees of Kyivvodokanal and Kyivenergo are working to restore it. We have 11 people were injured, 10 people — hospitalized, of which — 1 child. Regarding the dead — no information yet», — said the mayor.

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