Knife Attacks in Saskatchewan: The Hunt Continues

Attacks knife in Saskatchewan: the hunt continues

At least ten people were killed and 15 others were injured in a series of stabbing attacks on Sunday.

The day after a series of attacks in knife incident in the James Smith Cree Nation and in the village of Weldon, Saskatchewan, suspects Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson have still not been found.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday, Regina Police Department Chief Evan Bray posted a video on Twitter where he said he believed the two fugitives were still in Regina, more than 300 km south of the scene. .

In total, at least ten people were killed and 15 others were injured in this series of attacks.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) believe that some victims of the assaults were targeted, while others were chosen at random.

5 h 40:First call to RCMP regarding stabbing in James Smith Cree Nation. Within minutes, the officers received several more calls reporting additional assaults.

7 h 12:< /strong>RCMP issues first alert of dangerous people. This alert is being sent to residents of James Smith Cree Nation and surrounding communities including Candle Lake, Prince Albert, Melfort, Humboldt and Rosthern.

7 h 57: A second alert containing the names and photos of the two suspects is sent.

< strong>8 h 20: A third alert was sent, this time to all Saskatchewanians, as the police were able to confirm that the two suspects were traveling in a vehicle.

9 h 45:A fourth alert is sent informing Saskatchewanians that the suspects had caused several victims in the James Smith Cree Nation and in the village of Weldon. The alert also clarifies that some of the attacks were carried out randomly. The police also give a description of the suspects' vehicle.

11 h 25: L alert extended to Manitoba and Alberta.

12 h 07: A fifth alert is sent to advise that the suspects vehicle was seen by a motorist on Arcola Avenue in Regina. Residents of the city are urged to move to safety.

15 h 40 :The RCMP speaks to the media at a press conference and to make a first official assessment of the victims.

A map featuring the James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.

On Sunday morning, shortly after being woken by the alerts sent by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Leona Lees, a resident of Weldon, saw a dark-colored sport utility vehicle speeding through the village, says -t-she.

Why is this car going so fast? she wondered. Slow down!

Leona Lees says she is “terrified” when she thinks back to her encounter with a strange man on Sunday morning.

A few minutes later, a man with his face covered approached his house to ask for help. He said, “I need someone to take me to the hospital. My mouth is hurt, I was stabbed,” says Mrs. Lees' mother, Doreen Lees.

When the two women asked him to show them his injury, the man refused before fleeing.

That's when Leona Lees called 911.

A few hours after this meeting, she said she was terrified by the situation, especially since she was not aware of the severity of the tragedy. We did not know. We thought someone was hurt and we just wanted to help.

The two suspects, Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson, are believed to be in a black Nissan Rogue, with license plate 119 MPI.

The car in which the two suspects in the stabbing attacks on the Jame Smith Cree Nation, Saskatchewan, on September 4, 2022 are believed to be traveling.

Damien Sanderson is 5'7″ (1m73) tall and weighs 155lbs (70kg). He has black hair and brown eyes.

Information identifying Damien Sanderson.

Myles Sanderson is 6'1″ (185cm) tall and weighs 108kg (240 lbs). He also has black hair and brown eyes.

Information to identify Myles Sanderson.< /p>

He was already wanted by police before Sunday morning's attacks, according to the Saskatoon Crime Stoppers program.

RCMP is asking residents of the #x27;call 911 if they see suspicious people in their area.

In a statement, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations of Saskatchewan Chief Bobby Cameron said said saddened by the events.

“This is the destruction we face when illegal and harmful drugs invade our communities. »

— Bobby Cameron, Chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations of Saskatchewan

He asks the authorities to work with the leaders of the various First Nations in the province in order to create safer communities for their members.

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