Koh-Lanta, a technician “fired on the spot”: revelations of an ex-member of the production

Beware of those who do not follow the rules of the production of “Koh-Lanta”. Asked by “Society”, the former production manager of Adventure Line Productions (ALP) made revelations.
Society magazine took an interest in one of TF1’s most famous and successful shows:Koh-Lanta . The opportunity to discover some secrets of the program presented by Denis Brogniart since 2002.

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In Koh-Lanta , anonymous people fly to a paradise island to live like Robinson Crusoe. They also need to win trials to gain a little more comfort or immunity on the Council. The viewers can thus follow their adventures on the camp or during the games as if they were there. They would almost forget that a large team, especially camera operators, are hiding behind to capture every moment of this great experience. And yet, they are there!

The technical team must also, as in all filming, follow rules. And beware of those who dare to break them. As our colleagues report, cameramen and technicians must ” remain completely invisible ” so as not to disturb the competing candidates. Only a few cameramen and journalists are authorized to speak with them , in particular in order to obtain their impressions.

But one day, a technician would have seen fit not to follow the rules . And his sentence was irrevocable. ” I remember a technician who spoke to a candidate, he was fired on the spot, ” assured Laurent Robert Thibierge, ex-production director of Adventure Line Productions (ALP), to Society . So we imagine that he must have bit his fingers after the production has extinguished its torch.

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