KrimSOS: In Crimea, men began to receive subpoenas

KrimSOS: In Crimea, men began to receive subpoenas

To residents of the occupied Crimea, summonses to the Russian army began to arrive through the website of public services. This was reported by the public organization KrimSOS.

“As it became known to KrimSOS, men in the temporarily occupied Crimea began to receive subpoenas to the Russian army through the public services website. If a person does not visit their personal account on the public services website for several days, the summons will automatically be considered received,” said Aleksey Tilnenko, head of the organization’s board.

In addition, there is information that representatives of the security forces of the occupation can patrol the streets of cities and look for men of military age for further subpoenas.

The organization notes that the decision on partial mobilization in the Russian Federation also applies to the occupied territories, which is a war crime. Forced mobilization is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

«Forcing citizens of an adversary side to take part in hostilities directed against their own state is prohibited by the Hague Regulations. It is also a violation of the laws and customs of war, according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine & # 187;, & # 8212; the message says.

  • On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia.
  • On September 21, rallies were held in Russia against the announced mobilization. According to OVD-Info, by the morning of September 22, more than 1,313 people had been detained in 38 Russian cities. Most of the detainees were in St. Petersburg (478 people) and Moscow (536 people).
  • Summons were handed to those detained at protests against mobilization.

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