Kudritsky: Russian power engineers helped the military to attack the Ukrainian energy system

Kudritsky: Russian power engineers helped the military attack the Ukrainian energy system

Attacks on the Ukrainian energy system were planned by the Russian military together with power engineers. This was stated by the head of NEK «Ukrenergo» Vladimir Kudritsky in a comment to FT.

«Attacks are planned and carried out not only by the Russian military, but also by Russian power engineers», — Kudrytsky said.

Russian engineers, he said, knew the Ukrainian power system “like the back of their hand” because it was connected to their country's system before the full-scale invasion last February .

However, Kudritsky added that Ukrainian engineers now have a better understanding of Russia's strategy and can take measures to minimize the consequences of attacks.

The publication writes that Ukrainian officials say that Russia conducted a systematic campaign aimed at destroying transformers located in key nodes of the electricity distribution system, and not the power plants themselves.

Energy experts explained that the goal was to break the network into isolated islands and prevent the flow of electricity between regions. A significant part of the country's power generating capacity is located in the west and is supplied to the center and east via high-voltage lines.

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