Kuleba clarified with his Polish counterpart because of the statements of Ambassador Melnik about Bandera

Kuleba clarified with his Polish colleague because of Ambassador Melnyk's statements about Bandera

The heads of the foreign ministries of Ukraine and Poland had a telephone conversation after the controversial statements of the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik about Stepan Bandera. Warsaw considered that the Ukrainian diplomat was falsifying history, but the conversation between the ministers dotted the i's. Zbigniew Rau, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, spoke about this.

– I had a conversation with my friend, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba in connection with the falsifying statements of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk. I thanked Minister Kuleba for the speedy public intervention in this matter, – wrote the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland. – Poland and Ukraine must stand together against both attempts at provocation and a lack of prudence and responsibility.

Earlier in an interview on Jung & Naiv, Melnyk commented on the historic dispute between Poland and Ukraine over Stepan Bandera. Answering a question about the reprisals against the Polish population, Melnyk said that during that period there were massacres of both Poles and Ukrainians. Regarding Israel's accusation against the UPA troops, allegedly involved in the murder of thousands of Jews, he said that there was no evidence of this. And when the journalist said that he did not understand how a person responsible for the murder of Poles and Jews could be called a hero, Melnyk replied that Bandera was not a mass murderer.

Later, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also issued a statement in connection with with Melnik's comments, noting that relations between Ukraine and Poland are at their peak.

– The words of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk, expressed in an interview with a German journalist, are his personal opinion and do not reflect the position of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, – said Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.

In addition, the Foreign Ministry assured that Ukraine is grateful to Poland for its unprecedented support in the fight against Russian aggression. And now, both in Kyiv and Warsaw, there is a complete understanding of the need to maintain unity in the face of existing threats.

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