Kupyansk is completely liberated | VIDEO

Kupyansk is completely liberated | VIDEO

Ukrainian troops completely liberated Kupyansk, Kharkov region. This was stated by the commander of the reconnaissance and sabotage battalion “AZOV” Kharkiv as part of the special forces “KRAKEN” Sergey Velichko (Chile).

“As a result of coordinated actions, the KRAKEN unit successfully crossed the Oskol River, which allowed our forces to drive the enemy out of the left-bank part of the city. Now the city is completely de-occupied and is under the Ukrainian flag”, — said the commander of the AZOV reconnaissance and sabotage battalion.

According to Chile, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army continues successfully on the left bank of the Oskol.

Velichko also posted a video of the destroyed invaders.

Video 18+


  • On September 10, the defenders of Ukraine entered Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, and raised the yellow-blue flag over the City Council.

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