Kylie Jenner falls in love wearing a spectacular bikini

Kylie Jenner falls in love wearing a spectacular bikini

When we talk about Kylie Jenner, it is impossible not to think of glamor, because the member of the Kardashian clan attracts attention anywhere with her extravagant outfits and that is exactly what she did on this occasion when she enjoyed a sunny and faithful day. to his personality he chose a golden bikini that did not leave anyone indifferent and in social networks he received the applause of his followers.

​On her Instagram account, Kylie Jenner shared with her more than 250 million followers a series of photographs in which she can be seen sunbathing on a white bed and immediately the compliments began, as the golden bikini she used left behind the sight his shapely figure.

“Very hot,” wrote the socialite to accompany the images that went viral immediately, because in a matter of hours, the Instagram publication had already exceeded seven million likes.

Ready for summer “,” Beautiful “,” Wonderful “,” The queen “,” This look is out of reality “,” Wow “,” I love how you always look “,” Linda “,” What beautiful photos ” , “You are always wonderful” Y “The queen of queens “, are some comments that can be read on the social network.

But this was not the only photograph with which Kylie Jenner took the applause of her followers, later she shared two images taken in front of the mirror in which she appears with the same golden bikini, but now inside a bathroom: “Leo season “, wrote the youngest of the Kardashian referring to the next days in which she will celebrate her birthday.

The golden look of Kylie Jenner could not be complete without some piece of jewelry and for the occasion, the famous opted for a 14 karat gold necklace in the shape of a heart from the firm Ruby Stella, in addition to a ring on the little finger of his left hand.

It is worth mentioning that this gold bikini It is very special for Kylie Jenner, as it belongs to Good American, a brand that her half-sister Khloé Kardasian created and although she did not advertise at any time, she immediately became a benchmark for the new swimwear collection.

With this bikini, Kaylie Jenner exceeded 11 million likes in her second Instagram post, but she also made this piece one of the most requested of the summer, as it has an approximate cost of 2,374 Mexican pesos and the brand has shipments to Mexico. This swimsuit model has enchanted the public for the adjustable straps it has and the subtle metallic gold that is not over the top for this season.


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