Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert: Hugs and swimming with sharks in Saint-Barth

If there is one (only) who is enjoying this end of the year 2020, it is Jalil Lespert! In addition to seeing his new documentary series on the DSK affair meet with great success on Netflix, the actor and director continues to have the perfect love with Laeticia Hallyday, in Saint-Barth.
The residence Laeticia Hallyday and Lespert in St. Barts continues smoothly … Unless Mr. tries to diving with sharks! On December 11, 2020, the actor and director took to his Instagram account to share a new clip of his adventures in the Caribbean with his new partner. A shot in which the 44-year-old Frenchman appears relaxed, in overalls, ready for a daring sea trip.

Jalil Lespert has now been discovering the island of Saint-Barthélémy, so dear to Laeticia Hallyday’s heart, for ten days now. After their love at first sight in Paris in mid-October, then family confinement in Marnes-la-Coquette in the fall, the actor agreed to fly to the Caribbean with his partner and daughters, Jade and Joy. (16 and 12 years old). Between two swims, the lovers took part in the anniversary vigil for the 3 years of Johnny’s death , on December 5, at his grave in the Lorient marine cemetery.

The presence of Jalil Lespert at this annual meeting was all the more noticed as the former companion of Laeticia, the restorer Pascal Balland , had never been to the tomb of Taulier … ” I arrive at love differently, but Johnny is still there, Laeticia Hallyday had she confided in Seven to eight, last October. It’s courageous for the man in my life today, Johnny’s place is still very present. It’s not easy, we are often a couple of three . “Unlike the restaurateur, Jalil Lespert would better accept the presence of the rocker’s ghost in the life of his dear and tender. At the same time, face a ghost or a shark. . What a difference ?

” He is a boy who is not afraid of anything, he says yes to everything , testified a relative of the couple to the magazine Here from December 11. He seems very enamored of Laeticia, he already lives with her .. . In fact, he seems ready for anything for her . ” For her part, the 45-year-old widow would be ” madly in love “. Laeticia Hallyday was on vacation in Saint-Barth last summer when Jalil Lespert contacted her for the first time with the idea of ​​preparing a biopic on Johnny.

For the moment, it is with his mini documentary series Chambre 2806: The DSK Affair , that the director is illustrated on Netflix. Released on December 7, the program immediately rose to the top of the French ranking of the streaming platform. ” So proud of you my love “, Laeticia Hallyday she commented with love on Instagram. In a few days, the couple will leave the Caribbean to reach Los Angeles with Jade and Joy.

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