Laeticia Hallyday charmed by the work of Jalil Lespert: “So proud of you my love”

Monday was the big day for Jalil Lespert: his documentary series “Room 2806: the DSK affair” was released worldwide on Netflix. 24 hours later, his document is placed at the top of the most watched programs on the platform, in France as in the United States. What to make the pride of his companion, Laeticia Hallyday.
Room 2806: the DSK case is a real hit on Netflix . Also in France, the documentary series on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair is at the top of the rankings, as proudly announced by its director Jalil Lespert on Instagram, Tuesday, December 8, 2020, just 24 hours after its worldwide release. .

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In four episodes, he returns to the ordeal of Nafissatou Diallo – whose life was shattered by the affair – and gives voice to other victims of the former politician: Tristane Banon but also Mounia. R, sexually assaulted in the Carlton case in Lille . Jalil Lespert can be proud of his investigative work, supported by the brilliant Raphaëlle Bacqué , great reporter for Le Monde .

He was not the only one to recognize the quality of his production. On Instagram, his companion Laeticia Hallyday wanted to support him publicly. ” So proud of you my love, ” she commented nicely. Together for several months, the mother of Jade and Joy and the French director seem to live a very strong romance. They are said to have met to discuss a Johnny Hallyday biopic . Since then, it is the great love.

After a splendid stay in Rome , they took advantage of the All Saints holidays so that their respective children could meet. He is the father of three children : Kahina (10 years old), Aliosha and Gena. During the confinement, they had found refuge in Marnes-la-Coquette, where even the parents and children of the filmmaker were staying. Such a beautiful mutual trust, marked by this highly symbolic vigil at the rocker’s grave , in Saint-Barthélémy, for the third anniversary of the rocker’s death.

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