Langley Shootings: One Suspect Arrested, Multiple Victims

Langley shootings  : a suspect arrested and several victims

Radio -Canada just heard some breaking news

A suspect has been arrested after shootings in downtown Langley left several victims in downtown Greater Vancouver.

An alert has been sent around 6:20 a.m. Monday to ask people to be careful around Langley. The alert reported multiple shootings, including one involving homeless people.

Langley RCMP spokeswoman Rebecca Parslow said there are multiple victims, including in downtown Langley.

RCMP is asking the public to Avoid this area as the situation is changing. Emergency crews are on the scene.

A man has been arrested and police believe he is the suspect. RCMP say the alert will remain in effect for another hour, despite the fact that they believe there is no longer a danger to the public.

Earlier , the alert reported multiple shootings, including one involving homeless people.

A suspect is described as a white male, with dark hair, dressed in a brown Carhartt brand jumpsuit and a blue and green tee with a red logo on his right sleeve.

The man reportedly had an “interaction” with police, according to the alert sent to cell phones in the Greater Vancouver area.

With information from Timothé Matte-Bergeron

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