Latest News Rome of 04-14-2021 at 14:10

Latest News Rome of 04-14-2021 at 14:10

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romadailynews radio news still well found listening to the editorial staff by Francesco Vitale in the studio the crisis risks further dropping already low employment rates and strengthening inequalities especially because a low level of continuing education is a joke. ‘OECD in the fact sheet on Italy of the Going for Growth 2021 report shaping up Right to recovery an effective offer of education public services for the promotion of employment and policies for activating education services can help to mitigate the gaps between supply and demand of skills work especially for days for the most vulnerable workers suggests Locks that the efficiency of the public administration is an essential priority for the recovery the euro area economy should sell a strong recovery In the second half of the year. uncertainty halts the recovery will be fragile with it reaching your pre-crisis levels The second half of 2022 says ECB vice president Luis de guindos in the South the vaccination campaign the entire Euro area is crucial to prevent risks from materializing from the bottom the employment rate with the pandemic In 2020 calendula Europe But in Italy Cala more than the average especially for women despite the massive use of social safety nets and what emerges from the Eurostat data according to which in Italy the employment rate fell by 59% in 2019 To 58 and 1% compared to this European Union since 68 and 5% at 67/7 Italy was the worst performer after Greece For women the decline is greater than 50 149 Compared to the 63 125 decrease in the European average, the Italian female employment rate of 13.5 points under the European Union a group of show business workers occupied this morning Globe Theater Villa Borghese in Rome after more than a year from the blocking of live performances we ask for a structural reform of the sector write on Facebo ok we do not want a reopening without security that makes us plunge back into an even more uncertain world of work and without guarantees we reopen all the precarious all the exploited to regain possession of a time of self-training confrontations the occupants ensure that everything is taking place in compliance health provisions that have undergone 15 people including nurses are investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of Oristano for abuse of office and embezzlement with the accusation of having administered close friends among family members who were not among the people among the categories entitled to abuse so of his position From the early hours of the day the notification operations were triggered the suspects by the Carabinieri of the NAS of Cagliari would have suffocated with a pillow his 68-year-old wife who had been ill for some time before calling the Carabinieri reporting the Caputo it happened in Vignola in the province of Modena during the night the call you have at 4:45 the 73-year-old husband was immediately Vergato it seems that the motive for the murder is precisely the health conditions of the woman the man reported that he could no longer see his wife in that state the body was transported to forensic medicine and we stop here Good afternoon listening segment
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