Laufer has been on the verge of life for almost a year and a half: Colleagues are waiting for him with a musical!

Laufer has been on the verge of life for almost a year and a half: Colleagues are waiting for him with a musical!

Josef Laufer has been in hospital for four long months and is only partially conscious. Therefore, colleagues from the theater are still postponing the premiere of the musical Treasure Island, on which the singer worked before the fateful operation.

Josef Laufer was still full of life last March and worked on his projects before embarking on routine valve surgery, which brought unexpected complications.

The singer’s heart stopped during the procedure and the doctors then preferred to put him into artificial sleep, in which he finally stayed for 130 long days.

After waking up, Laufer remained only partially conscious, and unfortunately his condition has not changed in recent months. However, colleagues from the theater still hope that the musician will return in full force and see the premiere of his musical.

Theaters are opening, but Laufer’s musical Treasure Island will not be seen by spectators yet

Theaters have been closed for over a year due to a pandemic, but this will soon change due to the impending dismantling.

Before heart surgery, Josef Laufer worked intensively on a musical for children, but it will not see its premiere yet!

The fellow actors and the singer agreed to postpone the premiere for ethical reasons until Laufer was able to attend and personally complete the work.

Lichtenberg delayed the completion of the musical for ethical reasons

Treasure Island was about to be completed, but then Josef Laufer underwent a fateful operation and his work remained unfinished. Colleagues so far refuse to finish the musical without the presence of its author.

“We are planning a children’s performance, which we will delay for ethical reasons. It is a performance Treasure Island, which he prepared, wrote lyrics and was to be directed by Pepa Laufer, the music was made by Zdeněk Hrubý. We are waiting for Pepík to finish it, but… But!” said the web Aha! producer of the Broadway Theater Oldřich Lichtenberg.

“We could finish it without him, but we don’t want that for ethical reasons,” he added. When the expected musical work for children sees the light of day, it is currently in the stars.


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