Lavrov: Zelensky's peace plan is out of the question

Lavrov: Zelensky's peace plan is out of the question

Foreign Minister Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov said that the plan for a peaceful settlement of Russia's war against Ukraine, proposed by President Vladimir Zelensky, «is out of the question». This is reported by TASS.

‘Zelensky is putting forward some absolutely senseless initiatives, a plan of 10 points, where everything that is possible is heaped: food security, energy security, biological, withdrawal of Russian troops from everywhere, repentance of the Russian Federation, tribunal, condemnation and so on. Negotiations with Zelensky on his initiatives are out of the question», — he said.

Lavrov also said that the negotiation process was also blocked due to the fact that Vladimir Zelensky «legally forbade negotiating with the Russian government».

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  • In November, President Volodymyr Zelensky presented a ten-point “Ukrainian peace formula” at the G20.
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