Leela Aheer candidate to succeed Jason Kenney

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Leela Aheer claims to want to restore the confidence of Albertans in the Conservative government.

United Conservative MP for Chestermere-Strathmore, Leela Aheer, is also entering the United Conservative Party (UCP) leadership race to succeed Jason Kenney. She becomes the sixth candidate to make her intentions known.

Leela Aheer's campaign team confirms that she will announce her intentions on Tuesday morning and that she will announce her intentions on Tuesday morning. she will hold a launch event in her riding of Greater Calgary on Wednesday afternoon.

The candidate says she wants to become leader to restore Albertans' confidence in the Conservative government.< /p>

The United Conservative Party has yet to announce the rules for the leadership race to replace Jason Kenney. The Alberta premier announced his resignation after narrowly winning a vote of confidence from his party members with 51.4% of the vote.

Leela Aheer lost her position in Jason Kenney's cabinet after criticizing her boss for not respecting the health rules then in force. She later called on him to resign amid controversy over allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the United Conservative government. According to her, Jason Kenney was aware of these allegations and did not act, which the Prime Minister denies.

Five candidates to succeed Jason Kenney have already registered with of Elections Alberta. Travis Toews, who served as Alberta's finance minister until last week, launched his campaign this weekend with the support of 23 United Conservative MPs.

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