Leps thanked his wife for the children and care

Leps thanked his wife for the children and care

Anna Shaplykova, who gave the singer three heirs, is 49 years old.

Grigory Leps. Photo: Globallookpress.com

Singer Grigory Leps on Instagram congratulated his wife Anna on her birthday. She turned 49 on May 13. The musician posted a gentle shot in which he dances a slow dance with his beloved woman.

“Happy birthday, Anna! Thanks for the children, care and understanding. I love. “

Grigory Leps

“The couple is just fire. Happiness and goodness to you ”,“ A wonderful woman. A very beautiful couple ”,“ Anechka is a rare woman in whom there is tenderness, beauty, and spiritual subtlety! May she be happy for many, many years as a wife, as a mother, and just as a beloved woman! You have the eye-diamond, Grigory Viktorovich! ” – noted in the comments by users.

Recall that Grigory Leps first saw his second wife in a nightclub. It happened in 2000. At one time she was a ballerina from the ballet singer Laima Vaikule. The couple have three children in common. Daughters Eva and Nicole, as well as son Ivan. Also, Grigory Leps has a daughter, Inga, from his first marriage with Svetlana Dubinskaya.

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