Liberal Marwah Rizqy targeted by death threats | Elections Quebec 2022

Death threats against Liberal Marwah Rizqy | &Elections Quebec 2022

Marwah Rizqy is an incumbent MP and Liberal candidate for Saint-Laurent, in Montreal.

The outgoing Liberal MP for Saint-Laurent, Marwah Rizqy, is asking that elected officials and candidates have increased security measures after a man was arrested for uttering death threats against her.

It all started on August 19 with the first threat, which was first on my Facebook wall, said Ms. Rizqy, in a press briefing on Wednesday. Then, afterwards, it really accelerated. The individual started calling my neighborhood police station, calling other police stations, making threats.

Voice messages about my death and my death, she says, were also left on the voicemail of the incumbent Liberal deputy in Marquette, Enrico Ciccone. Ms. Rizqy explains that in the messages, the man claimed that her body had been found dead, all while naming the street on which she lives.

“You got to know me, I'm still a pretty strong woman, but this is the first time… I was in my bathroom and my knees started to snap.” »

— Marwah Rizqy, outgoing Liberal MP, Saint-Laurent

Last week, it was very difficult for me because it's true that I went to 8 months pregnant. This is the first time that I have been asked to stay at home, not to go out, to cancel my engagements, she explained.

The individual behind the threats made against Ms. Rizqy was finally arrested, after several days of work by officers from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to identify and locate him. He appeared on Friday.

It was really a commotion, sums up Marwah Rizqy, warmly thanking the two police forces for their work.

However, the individual was released, with conditions to be respected, obviously not to approach me, but that does not prevent that I still have that in mind, she specified.

I must continue to campaign, but I am very vigilant, and I have no more security at the moment. This is why I asked the office of the National Assembly to increase the security of elected officials, also of candidates, because there are also all the same, we will tell each other, certain social tensions.

The exit of Ms. Rizqy comes a few hours after that of her colleague Enrico Ciccone, precisely, whose constituency office was vandalized overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. However, it is too early to establish a link, or not, between the perpetrator of this misdeed and the individual who threatened the candidate.

In an interview on Wednesday, Mr. Ciccone said he was shocked by the theft of equipment, including computers and filing cabinets, from his constituency office in Lachine.

Arriving Wednesday morning at the premises of the Liberal candidate, employees found that a party wall had been broken down and that the drawers had been emptied of their contents. In addition to computers and documents, the criminals stole several objects, including the petty cash containing checks.

Enrico Ciccone, Official Opposition Critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Lifestyles

He there might be records that are confidential, Ciccone said. I feel really helpless and I have a lot of pain, he let go.

A county office is the home of citizens. It should be untouchable, he added. The incumbent for Marquette said he takes “full responsibility” if the confidentiality of the stolen documents is compromised.

The Sûreté du Québec has confirmed that it has had the mandate to open an investigation to shed light on this event.

A banner from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal restricts access to Enrico Ciccone's constituency office.

PLQ leader Dominique Anglade said she spoke to the candidate Liberal and offer him his support. Violence, threats and intimidation have no place in our society, she denounced on Twitter.

Ms. Anglade, who claims not to have been targeted by threats, however mentioned those aimed at Marwah Rizqy. This is very disturbing, she commented, before adding that the issue of increased security around elected officials should be raised.

It' x27;is unacceptable, said outgoing Premier François Legault, deploring in the same breath the events at Mr. Ciccone's riding office and the vandalized election signs.

Concerned, the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, called for respect for the rules and for the people during the election period.

Since the beginning of the campaign, the Sûreté du Québec has reinforced the security system around party leaders due to the increase in threats made to elected officials.

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