Liepāja Puppet Theater opens its doors to full-time spectators

Liepāja Puppet Theater opens its doors to full-time spectators

In July, the Liepāja Puppet Theater will open its doors to the audience and in addition to the premiere “Harolds and the Duck” will also offer the audience’s favorite performances and an excursion “Reveal the secrets of the puppet kingdom!”.

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“We are so longing for our spectators that we can no longer endure longer, so on Sundays in July at 12 o’clock we invite spectators to Liepāja Puppet Theater,” says Lelde Vīksna, the director of Liepāja Puppet Theater.

On July 4, spectators are invited to visit the show “Three Ruksīši”, which is one of the most popular in the repertoire of Liepāja Puppet Theater. The director of the production, Laila Kirmuška, has highlighted the power of friendship and fraternity in the familiar story of the Brothers Grimm. In the next two Sundays, July 11 and 18, the premiere and face-to-face acquaintance with the latest performance of the Liepaja Puppet Theater is expected – the witty show “Harold and the Duck”, based on the work of the famous British actor, director, screenwriter and writer Bruce Robinson. Director Lelde Kaupuža is at the forefront of the creative team of the performance, but Inga Dzintare, a graduate of the acting course of the University of Liepaja, and her puppet theater master teacher and actress Liene Gāliņa can be seen in the roles.

The author of the performance music is Jānis Strazds, the set designer is Ivonna Kalita.

The cycle of July’s live performances will end on July 25 with the audience’s favorite song game “How Ruksitis Goed”, based on the motifs of Dzidra Rinkule’s Zemzare poem.

In turn, everyone who wants to feel like an actor and look behind the scenes of a puppet show, on a hot summer day has the opportunity to relax from the heat and learn the secrets of the puppet actor’s profession in the excursion “Discover the secrets of the puppet kingdom!”.

“Currently, outdoor events are extremely in demand, we go on trips around Latvia and at the end of the summer we also plan to participate in two theater festivals in Lithuania. We hope to , we continue to offer our performances digitally.

Four digital performances for 72 hours are available on, while three other of our performances are available on TET + video rental, “Lelde Vīksna, the director of Liepāja Puppet Theater, encourages to watch online productions.

Attendance at shows and excursions for adult spectators is possible upon presentation of an identity document and a valid Covid-19 (vaccination and illness) certificate. Children under the age of 12 do not need a Covid 19 test or a Covid 19 certificate. Tickets for Liepāja Puppet Theater can be purchased ““and an hour before the performance at the box office of Liepāja Puppet Theater, Rožu Square 5/6.

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