Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Federation, who led a convoy of airborne BMD-4Ms at the parade in Moscow, was liquidated

Liquidated lieutenant colonel of the Russian Federation, who led a convoy of airborne BMD-4M at the parade in Moscow

< p> Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated Lieutenant Colonel of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Army Sergey Koshelev. This is reported by blogger, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoliy Shtefan in his Telegram channel.

«VDV Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Koshelev from the 137th Airborne Regiment was demobilized in Ukraine. In May 2022, he led a convoy of BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles at the Victory Day parade & # 187;, & # 8212; Stefan writes.

He added that the occupier's sister, Russian volleyball player, world champion Tatyana, had informed about Koshelev's death.

«Tatyana Kosheleva is playing now in the Italian Megabox team, Vallefoglia, calls him (Sergei — ed.) “the pride of our family and country.” Not a word about the war, Ukraine or Ukrainians killed»,— stressed Stefan.

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