Light for 2-3 hours a day: In Kyiv, 60% of transformers do not work


In Kyiv, the most difficult situation with electricity supply in Ukraine is now due to damage to networks and equipment: 60% of transformers were destroyed due to Russian attacks. Sergey Kovalenko, CEO of energy supplier YASNO, reported this on Facebook.

«No changes for the better. Today, the supply situation in Kyiv is the most difficult in the country. There are those areas that receive light for about 5 hours a day. There are those with light 2-3 hours a day. And there are those who have no electricity at all since the last shelling. The city cannot receive power from the country's power system due to damage to high-voltage equipment», — writes Kovalenko.

He explained that there are three factors that influenced this.

First. According to a YASNO representative, the key problem in Kyiv is not generation, but networks.

«Well, the network cannot work when there are no 60% of transformers. It is impossible to supply electricity to a place where there is zero instead of equipment,” Kovalenko emphasized.

Secondly. Power lines in Kyiv are not linear and not always logical from the point of view of the map and areas.

«If you think that it cannot be that among ten powered houses there is one without electricity because he is on the line with the destroyed substation, then you are wrong. This is a real situation», – said Kovalenko.

Thirdly. Specialists are working on repairs and new re-powering schemes using available equipment.

«Could it be better than now? Maybe when the repair work is completed and when the re-feeding circuit is operational. Could it be worse? Yes, if we are fired upon again. More precisely, if the remaining 40% of the nodes are damaged», — added by Kovalenko.

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