Like ISIS: Russia began to send “Frankenstein tanks” to the front | VIDEO

Like ISIS: Russia started sending Frankenstein tanks to the front | VIDEO

The appearance of armored personnel carriers with shipborne anti-aircraft mounts at the front in Ukraine indicates that Russia is beginning to create military equipment in the same way as ISIS and Al-Qaeda do. The Telegraph writes about this with reference to military experts.

The video that appeared on social networks at the end of last week shows that 2M-3M shipborne anti-aircraft guns are installed on MT-LB armored personnel carriers. The components of such a “Frankenstein tank” date back to the 40-50s of the last century, The Telegraph notes.

“The fact that the supposed first world army is putting together a variety of equipment, not unlike (the one that was in service with) terrorist organizations such as «al-Qaeda» and ISIS, testifies to the dangerous state of the Russian army, ”says former British army officer and military expert Hamish de Bretton-Gordon

Probably Russia is forced to improvise because of the heavy losses of infantry. At the same time, the damage to the navy is much less, which is why the army could use ship installations to strengthen armored personnel carriers, Justin Crump, CEO of the defense company Sibylline, said.

The modified armored personnel carrier can be used to combat Ukrainian drones. Such equipment can also be sent to quiet sectors of the front in order to transfer more modern equipment from there to the front lines, writes The Telegraph.

  • According to British intelligence, the Russian Federation is removing 60-year-old T-main battle tanks from conservation 62 to make up for their losses in armored vehicles.

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