limited functions with low or failing internal battery, a study reveals

limited functions with low or failing internal battery, a study reveals

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After highlighting the danger of PS4 being unusable due to the internal battery, the curators of the social profile of Does It Play? conducted a similar study on PlayStation 5 CMOS battery and confirmed that, even in the case of Sony’s next gen console, a similar problem could occur.

In conducting this new series of tests, the Does It Play? removed the internal battery and disconnected the console from the internet: once turned on again, PS5 has gone into safe mode e rebuilt the database, and then launch the dashboard. The test takers explain that once the interface is reloaded, the console without CMOS battery does not allow the start of no games purchased digitally on PS Store.

In a completely similar way to PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO, PS5 also uses the internal CMOS battery for power the clock e “synchronize” time even in the event of disconnection from the electricity network or the internet.

As reported by the Does It Play? Team, even without battery Sony’s new home platform was able to play some disc games correctly, except those strongly oriented to multiplayer (are mentioned Mortal Kombat 11 e Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War). Those who carried out these tests therefore warn current and future buyers of PS5 (especially the Digital Edition) about the problem that could occur over the years with the inevitable wear of the internal CMOS battery of PlayStation 5. All, of course, taking into account account of the fact that the battery in question is a easily replaceable component, but only after having made the PS5 teardown and, therefore, voiding the warranty (if it was still available at the time of the breakdown or loss of charge).

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