Lisa Banfield returns to the scene of the Portapique tragedy and recounts her ordeal

Lisa Banfield returns to the scene of the Portapique tragedy and recounts her ordeal

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">The shooter's partner, Lisa Banfield, left, stands with a Nova Scotia RCMP investigator near the ruins of the shooter's garage in Portapique, Nova Scotia in October 2020 during a re-enactment of the April 2020 tragedy.

New videos show the gunman's longtime partner reenacting what she saw and experienced the night the massacre began there two years.

The Mass Casualty Commission released new documents and images on Wednesday as part of its investigation into what happened on April 18-19, 2020, when Gabriel Wortman killed 22 people while driving a fake RCMP car.

It includes videos of a testimony from Lisa Banfield who went to the scene of the crimes to tell the police what she had lived.

His re-enactment begins near the ruins of the shooter's large garage next to his cabin where the couple celebrated their 19th birthday with a drink.

It's at the start of the pandemic. They were video chatting with friends in the United States and talking about how they planned to have a ceremony to celebrate their 20th birthday.

That's when their friend tell Lisa Banfield not to do this. She left the garage upset.

Halfway between the cabin and the garage, she turned around to apologize, but when she got to the garage, the shooter was already angry.

As she couldn't calm him down, she went back to the cabin and then went to bed.

Then, a few minutes later, Lisa Banfield reports that the shooter pulled the covers off the bed and assaulted her, and hit her.

He then dragged her through the cabin, which he had already doused with gasoline, and set the building on fire once they were outside.

The shooter set fire to several houses, including his chalet in Portapique, committing a killing in April 2020, according to the police.

Then she told the police that the shooter drove her through the woods to the garage.

Once at the garage, the shooter began to douse the vehicles outside with gasoline. He dragged Lisa Banfield into the garage and handcuffed her left hand.

But when he asked for her right hand, Lisa Banfield didn't give it to her instead, she s' x27;covered his face and begged her to stop.

He then threw her into the back seat of the fake RCMP car before putting several guns in the front seat.

Then he climbed into the loft from the garage and she managed to remove the handcuffs from her left hand and open a window in the plastic divider to dive into the front seat.

And she ran away from the garage to hide in the woods without taking any of the weapons. A decision that really haunted her.

Lisa Banfield told police how she spent the next few hours alone and terrified that the shooter would find her.

While she was in hiding, the shooter killed 13 people in the small community.

Lisa Banfield, center, was the longtime partner of Gabriel Wortman who carried out the mass shooting in Nova Scotia in April 2020. Lisa Banfield testified that the shooter abused her emotionally and physically for years.

Lisa Banfield remained hidden inside a fallen tree overnight as temperatures dropped to near zero degrees.

She figured if she could survive until dawn, then she could go out and get help.

After the After dawn, she walked to a neighbor who called the police just before 6:30 a.m. on April 19. Members of the RCMP Emergency Response Team picked her up in an armored vehicle minutes later.

Medical records released by the Commission show that Lisa Banfield spent five nights in hospital suffering a fractured rib and vertebra, and numerous bruises and scrapes.

With information from Haley Ryan from CBC

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