Lithuanian general: Russia is in a hurry to launch an offensive until Ukraine receives the promised weapons

Lithuanian general: Russia rushes to launch offensive before Ukraine gets promised weapons

Russia is in a hurry to launch a new offensive before Ukraine receives the promised Western weapons. This was stated in an interview with Guildhall by the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupshis.

According to him, today the Russian Federation has moved into that phase of the war, where material support and logistics play a key role. The West today, according to the military, has already realized the inevitability of military support for Ukraine.

The general notes that the invaders can stop or reconsider their offensive plans only when they see that Ukraine has enough equipment, ammunition, weapons and trained personnel. At the same time, he emphasizes that Russia itself has enough of these resources to wage a protracted war.

«We see positive signals from London about heavy Challenger tanks, and from Paris. The Russians understand that if they do not launch an offensive now, it will be too late in late spring. I will tell you that within NATO, at the level of my colleagues thirty Commanders-in-Chief, there is a consensus. Your war — this is our war, we must support Ukraine with all available means», — Rupshis said.

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