Litkovskaya came out at the show in London with a poster “Help Mariupol, Azovstal. Now»

Litkovskaya came out with a poster

Designer Liliya Litkovskaya presented a new collection of clothes to draw the attention of fashion industry representatives to the theme of the war in Ukraine. The Litkovskaya show took place as part of Kornit Fashion Week London 2022.

During the show, the models walked down the runway in balaclavas and military berets, as well as bulletproof vests worn over coats and with yellow bands on the sleeves, symbolizing Ukrainian defenders from the defense industry. Patches on clothes in the form of the Ukrainian flag were personally knitted for the collection by the designer's mother, and the music for the show was created by the winner of the national selection for Eurovision Alina Pash.

At the end of the show, Litkovskaya took the podium to the hit “Stafania”, with which the Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision 2022. In her hands she had a poster with the inscription “Help Mariupol, Azovstal. Now” – a phrase that the musicians voiced from the stage at the final of the song contest.

Litkovskaya came out with a poster

Litkovskaya took the podium to the hit “Stafania” and with a poster “Help Mariupol, Azovstal. Now» Photo:

Earlier, designer Jean Gritsfeldt showed a collection dedicated to the war in Ukraine at the fashion week in Berlin. The fashion designer organized the show remotely from Kyiv, addressing the audience via video link before it began. On the clothes of the new collection of Gritsfeldt, you can see such words as “Ukraine”, “Palyanitsya”, “Song”, “Love”, “Povaga”, “Voice”, “Beauty”, “Will” and other patriotic messages. During the show, one of the fashion models took to the catwalk in a “bloody” outfit with the inscription “Peace”.

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