Liza Vasilenko left Moscow and earned 40 thousand dollars on OnlyFans

Lisa Vasilenko left Moscow and earned 40 thousand dollars on OnlyFans

Star of the Ukrainian series “School” on “1 + 1” Liza Vasilenko shortly after the start war left Moscow and began to earn money using the OnlyFans platform. The model and actress from Dnipro spoke about this in an interview with Ramina Eshakzai's YouTube channel “There are rumors”.

– I went to rallies (in Moscow, – Auth.). My friend Zhenya was taken to a paddy wagon. We made it, we ran away. There were not as many people as I expected. … I gave up advertising, just in Russia in one second. … I am now experiencing time with my girlfriends… It was very difficult to find my people in Moscow. … I am so ashamed that I was in this Moscow. I will never return to this place where I lost myself. They (friends, – Auth.) just came to me by car from Kyiv, – Liza said.

From Moscow, Vasilenko first left for Turkey, paying more than three thousand dollars for an air ticket. Of the Russian stars, the anti-war statements of Lisa Vasilenko were supported only by the singer Dora.

Vasilenko's parents stayed in the Dnieper. She herself does not want to return to Ukraine, as she is sure that she will not be able to realize herself there. In the first month on OnlyFans, Lisa earned 20 thousand dollars, in two or three months she managed to earn 40 thousand.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, Lisa lived in Turkey, the Czech Republic, France and Spain. Vasilenko also admitted that it is difficult for her to speak Ukrainian. Now the blogger wants to start studying in Europe.

Lisa closed the comments on Instagram because it was “painful” for her to read them. Liza Vasilenko also apologized for the phrase she said in an interview with the Russian YouTube channel “Pushka” in 2021 that “it's better to die here than in Ukraine.” After her, she ended up in the “Peacemaker” base.

– I uttered a phrase for which I am ashamed, I suffered a hate and still carry it. I understood the whole essence of this phrase only now, when the war began. I apologized in my Telegram channel, which I created not so long ago. … I spoke about the countries of Asia, which seemed to me more developed (than Ukraine, – Auth.). … When the war started, I felt what I said,” said Liza.

Liza Vasilenko left for Moscow in 2021 and became part of the Xo Team House tik tok house. She explained the move by saying that she wanted to build a career in the film industry, and in the USA she was afraid of failure. In the series “School”, released in 2018, Vasilenko played Lola Gavrilenko.

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