Loana “destroyed, denigrated, buried”: her new alarming SOS!

Loana is again very badly. During an interview for the magazine “Public”, the former candidate of “Loft Story” revealed her unpleasant and alarming daily life.
Contrary to what she wanted to believe when she left a psychiatric clinic , Loana is not getting better. The winner of the first season of Loft Story (2001) confided in our colleagues from Public , in their edition of December 11, 2020. And she wanted to express her distress.

Since the end of August, Loana has been experiencing a new descent into hell. On September 17, she unveiled photos of her swollen body and accused Fred Cauvin of assaulting her days before her birthday. Statements quickly denied by his ex-companion . Subsequently, there was a media battle before the 40-year-old blonde was interned following a bout of dementia . Although it was released in early November, many videos posted by the former reality TV candidate worried Internet users , in particular because she had strange comments there.

Loana therefore went to the obvious and admitted to Public that she was ill. ” I don’t sleep anymore, I don’t eat or move around the house . I have closed in on myself ,” she said. The cause of his discomfort would be his conflicting relations with Fred Cauvin which continue to affect him a lot. She says she is too marked by ” gestures and words that hurt “.

While she had to go to a friend’s house in Reunion to recharge their batteries, Loana preferred to cancel everything because she felt ” destroyed, denigrated, buried “. In addition, there are financial worries that further undermine it. Let’s hope for her that 2021 will be the year of renewal. In the meantime, she plans to spend the end of the year holidays with her mother Violette.

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