Loana, his ex Phil Storm operated: shock photo of his “long scar” and new fight

Threatened with paralysis, Phil Storm finally went to the pool table as he unveiled on December 8. Loana’s former (fake) boyfriend released a shocking photo and gave her news.
Phil Storm , the former (false) ex-boyfriend of Loana , gave his news on December 8, 2020. Live from his hospital room, the young man unveiled a photo that can be cold in the back. Sensitive souls refrain.

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On November 12, Phil Storm revealed to his subscribers that he was suffering from degeneration of the spinal cord . An illness that caused him ” spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis coupled with Scheuermann’s syndrome “. Threatened to no longer be able to walk, Loana’s former partner therefore had to undergo surgery. ” With this news, my chances of walking after urgent surgery to relieve spinal cord compression are minimal, ” he explained. He was still confident.

His intervention was scheduled later than expected because of the health crisis. But it finally took place as revealed by Phil Storm on Tuesday. To do this, he published a first photo on which we can discover many clips on his back . In the second, he appears lying on his back, with a cap on his head and sunglasses. ” Here it is. I survived the operation. I am not walking (yet) but I will fight . I know it will take a long time to heal like this scar on my back that I never thought I would ever have. . Take care of yourself “, we can read in the caption of the publication.

Very quickly, Internet users wished him a speedy recovery. Enough to give him back a smile.

This is not the first time that Phil Storm has undergone a major operation. Seriously ill, he had emergency heart surgery in 2019. And in December 2018, he announced that he had suffered a stroke .

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