‘LOL – Who laughs is out’: the 5 catchphrases (pre-final) that all of Italy is talking about


From Fresca Carolina to the joke about the asterisks, anyone who had underestimated Lillo had to change his mind, probably falling from his chair at each of his speeches (prepared or not) in LOL – Who laughs is out (from today on Prime Video the latest, highly anticipated episodes). The chiseled comic times, the use of physicality for hilarious purposes, the bulging eyes to avoid not laughing at other people’s puns. But above all, him: Posaman, the superhero with a single superpower, to pose (even if he has only six poses, cit.). Which has become an instant cult. Marvel Cinematic Universe and Zoolander, just dodge. There’s a new magnum master in town.

“Did you shit?”

And then it happens that you open Twitter and see “Did you shit?” among the trending topics. By now (almost) everyone knew it, but someone will surely have said: eh ?! The fault of Angelo Pintus, who thus commented – with the impeccably imitated voice of Angelo Cannavacciuolo – the orgasm Harry, this is Sally by Katia Follesa. Even for her it is impossible to laugh, let alone for those who are empty on the sofa like Fedez and Mara.

Pippa Amazon

Someone says she has an advantage because it comes directly from the royalty of cultured comedy, and this certainly gave her plenty of self control (as well Boris it was a nice training). But Caterina Guzzanti proved to be one of the competitors to beat: from the more improvised “Donatella at the cash desk for a transfer” on Katia Follesa’s Chinese karaoke-style microphone to the intern who brings the coffees. But the apex is his “Pippa Amazon, daughter of Marco John Amazon, the owner of the hut”. With the pigtails, the little bike, the shrill and British voice that becomes very deep in style at times Split di M. Night Shyamalan. All hail the queen of LOL.

Elio’s tip-tap

The entrée “dressed” as Mona Lisa, the exit from the painting that reveals the double-shot of hands and arms, but above all… the tip-tap. Elio is a master of the absurd, and his participation in LOL proves it once again. He doesn’t have to do anything to do everything. And even just two steps of (ahem) dance can kill an audience. As Mara Maionchi would say: “What an idiot!” But the best of all.

The mignottone pazzooooo

There was no feminist anthem in this country. Here it is, courtesy of Michela Giraud. «Il mignottone pazzooooo» is the best answer to all the MeToo debates, to those who wanted to see women only as “sweetly complicated”, to all whatsoever pink quotas. Do like her: go around singing this refrain that sticks to your head, not giving a damn about everything and everyone. Attention, it is not mansplaining: also applies to men.

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