Loredana Lecciso provokes Romina: yet another ‘slap’ to the singer

Loredana Lecciso provokes Romina: yet another ‘slap’ to the singer

New dig by Loredana Lecciso to rival in love Romina Power: the shot posted on social media did not go unnoticed

Loredana Lecciso

It really had been weeks that Loredana Lecciso he didn’t share anything on his social channels, particularly in the company of Al Bano. In fact, many wondered what happened to the showgirl and if everything with the teacher proceeded at full speed. On Easter day, however, the Salento entrepreneur wanted to do a wish to all those who follow her by posting a photo that removes any doubt, that is, next to her sweetheart.

Loredana Lecciso and Al Bano happy as two kids

Between Loredana Lecciso and Al Bano we can confirm that everything is going great. The couple after a dark and stormy period, during the first phase of the lockdown found herself and now he’s happier than ever. To confirm their serenity, a photo posted on Easter day.

In particular, the 49-year-old shared a black and white shot where he shows himself together with Maestro Carrisi in their held in Cellino San Marco. The same as a few meters away He hosted on the same day too Romina Power, Cristel and Romina Jr, in Yari’s house. Obviously the image in question sparked fans of the couple but also left a lot behind free gossip.

The digress of the soubrette to the rival Romina

There has been some sort of for years now amorous rivalry between Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso. On the other hand, it is also the same enthusiasts of the former couple of happiness who want to see them again together just like in the past.

Unfortunately, at least for now, the latter can put themselves on the soul in peace and respect the choice of Al Bano Carrisi. The singer has decided to live next to Loredana, and their relationship does not seem to be in crisis.

However, the new shot posted by the soubrette Salento has rekindled the gossip. For the people of the web there is no doubt, the former showgirl provoked Romina Power, throwing a sort of dig at her, showing herself happy and content next to her ex-husband. Will it really be so? Which side are you on?

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