Lorie Pester is back in Tomorrow belongs to us: never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage!

A touch of freshness on the quays of Sète. Lorie Pester, who plays Lucie Salducci in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”, will soon be back on TF1. His little comrades threw the information on social networks.
2021 will start on the hats of wheels! On TF1, in any case, there will be good news. And amid the glimmers of hope of this next year, viewers will find themselves smiling again at the return of Lorie Pester in the series Tomorrow is ours . This is what suggests the recent sharing of the actress, in any case, on social networks. On Monday, December 14, 2020, she appeared on the film sets alongside Solène Hébert, Mayel Elhajaoui and Catherine Benguigui.

Lucie Salducci should therefore soon return to the roommate. As you know, the police superintendent had left the town of Sète for love , and at the same time this dream apartment that she rented with Georges and Victoire. His return to the scene could also mean that Soraya and Rémy will materialize their plan to settle in Martinique – unless he is indeed the criminal responsible for the home jacking which terrorizes the Sétois and things go wrong. Regarding Lorie Pester, things have always been clear, no matter what: her absence was only temporary.

Sometimes you have to make choices to get it right
You know, the actress has achieved her best project by giving birth to her baby Nina in August 2020. But after taking the time to take care of her daughter, after discovering the hazards of short nights and surprise vomiting , Lorie wanted to take over the role of Lucie Salducci who she missed so much … and who so missed the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us . ” I decided to make the choice to take a short break of about a year to be able to do other professional and personal things , she explained to TF1 about her departure.I have a shoot that has already started, I needed to start it calmly, without telling myself that I had a day of shooting before, that I was going to sleep for 3 hours in a bus. Sometimes you have to make choices to get it right. “The future proved him right …

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