Lugansk rescuers showed how the dog was evacuated from Lisichansk

Luhansk rescuers showed how the dog was evacuated from Lisichansk

34 people were evacuated from Lisichansk, Severodonetsk region. This was announced on the evening of June 23 by the head of the Lugansk military administration, Sergei Gaidai.

“Silent” evacuation continues. They took 34 people. Every day, the police, the State Emergency Service, several groups of volunteers at once take out those who want to evacuate, which increased many times over with the intensification of shelling, – he wrote on his Facebook.

Gaidai said that volunteers every day collect those who want to go to the villages of the communities. There are always children on flights.

The Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Luhansk region reported that Lugansk rescuers delivered 4.5 tons of food packages and drinking water from Bakhmut for the residents of Lisichansk from the military-civilian administration of the region and the Red Cross. Three people with disabilities and a dog were taken to a safe place, including three people with disabilities and a dog.

The General Staff reported in the evening that the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the offensive in the direction of the southern outskirts of Lisichansk, inflicted losses on the enemy and forced retreat. In order to resume the offensive, the occupiers put forward reserves.

In the morning, Sergei Gaidai said in a telethon that it was impossible to drive along the Lisichansk-Bakhmut highway, because it was under fire. But there is an opportunity to get to Lisichansk by other roads. The Institute for the Study of War, an American institute for the study of war, believes that Russian troops are likely to reach the city in the coming days. On June 16, in Lisichansk, the Russians launched an airstrike on a bomb shelter, killing four people.

Lugansk rescuers showed how the dog was evacuated from Lisichansk


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