Luxembourg hands over Primoco One 150 drones to Ukraine | A PHOTO

Luxembourg hands over Primoco One 150 drones to Ukraine | PHOTO

Luxembourg supplied Czech-made Primoco One 150 drones to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of Luxembourg reported this in response to a letter from Army Recognition, writes Military.

The department says that Luxembourg handed over six Primoco One 150 unmanned aerial vehicles to Ukraine.

These drones are Luxembourg purchased as part of military assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces after the invasion of the country by Russian troops.

Primoco UAV's One 150 UAV model has a maximum takeoff weight of 150 kg, a flight time of up to 15 hours, a range from a ground station of up to 200 km, and a total drone range of up to 2000 km.

& #171;Combined with a cruising speed of 100-150 km/h, this makes the Primoco UAV one of the leaders in its segment», the company says.

One 150’s unique feature is useful load 30 kg and the ability to work at high altitudes (up to 3300 m above sea level).

This allows for extended missions with mixed sensor payloads and operation at altitudes of 2000 m and above.

It can take off and land at any time of the day, even in adverse weather conditions.

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UAV control center from Primoco UAV. Photo: “Primoco UAV”

The built-in autopilot system provides fully automated takeoff, landing and autonomous flight plan execution.

«Using a 300-meter runway, our UAV provides customers with the ability to perform flights without the need to use airport services», — noted in Primoco UAV.

Luxembourg donated Primoco One 150 drones to Ukraine | PHOTO

Frame from the drone camera from Primoco UAV. Photo: Primoco UAV

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