Maia Estianty Spotted Luna Maya Dinner with ‘Husband’ in Bali

Maia Estianty Spotted Luna Maya Dinner with ‘Husband’ in Bali

Jakarta, Insertlive

Maia Estianty recently accidentally met Luna Maya when she was on vacation in Bali.

Their meeting this time was never planned before.

In the meeting, Maia is with her husband Irwan Mussry and children. While Luna Maya, she was seen going alone.

“Wah hai guys, all the way to Bali in the future met the next door neighbor. Miss Luna Maya. Alone, ma’am?” Maia asked Luna Maya on YouTube.

While shy, Luna gave the answer confusing.

“Alone but both yes,” said Luna.

After knowing Maia went to Bali with her husband, Luna Maya envious. As if not wanting to lose, this 37-year-old woman suddenly introduced the person beside her.

However, Luna turned out to be just joking and claimed to have a husband.

“Where is it? Still hallucinating,” said Luna as if embracing someone beside her.

By karena Luna just kidding While showing off the figure of her future husband, Maia prayed that Ariel NOAH’s ex-lover would soon have a lover.

“It’s not good, it’s there but it’s not there. Soon, God willing. Pray, guys,” said Maia Estianty praying.

(nap / syf)

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