Mallaury Nataf again homeless by choice? Jean-Luc Azoulay makes revelations

The former actress of “Honey and the bees” and “The Mysteries of love” she voluntarily returned to the street to live there? Interviewed by “Closer”, producer Jean-Luc Azoulay made revelations about Mallaury Nataf.
In its edition of December 11, 2020, the magazine Closer reveals that Mallaury Nataf (48 years old) is homeless again . Information to which the producer Jean-Luc Azoulay reacted , who revealed it to the general public in the series Le Miel et les abeilles , in 1992.

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While she had made her return to the front of the stage in 2019 in The Mysteries of love(to play Lola, Hélène’s cousin), Mallaury Nataf once again lives in the street according to information from our colleagues. They explain that several months ago she left, without reason, the roommate she occupied in Hauts-de-Seine to live in the streets of Paris, in the Marais district. She shares her daily life with a ” companion in misfortune ” who would try to attract the attention of passers-by by hanging a cup over a fishing rod. Both would share tender gestures, like ” stealth kisses “.

If the news saddened and surprised more than one, Jean-Luc Azoulay was not surprised : ” I am not surprised. During the eight months when Mallaury played the character of Lola in The Mysteries of Love , we had the opportunity to talk a lot. She referred to her years of breaking away from society as a wonderful artistic experience . Mallaury is an artist. That she is back on the streets perhaps explains why she wanted to return, quite simply . She is a mystic who is convinced that she has a mission on earth. Perhaps after all she thinks that it is in the street that she exercises it best. “, he explained toCloser .

The 73-year-old took the opportunity to respond to rumors that Mallaury Nataf had been fired from the Mysteries of Love . ” She was perfectly accepted by the film crew. She was no problem. Mallaury was not fired. She left on her own . Shortly before the first confinement in March, she no longer had Answered the calls of the production to know his availability in order to set filming dates. As we do for all actors. No more signs of life … Once again it looked so much like him! “, he assured .

It was in March 2011 that Mallaury Nataf found herself on the street for the first time following domestic violence. Since then, she has not seen her three children Rafaël, Angeline and Shiloh (aged 23, 21 and 11, respectively).

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