Malyar: In some assault detachments of the Russian Federation, losses are up to 80%

Painter: In some Russian assault squads, casualties are up to 80%

In some assault squads of the Russian terrorist PMC «Wagner» and subdivisions of the 2nd Army Corps, losses amount to 80% of the personnel. This was reported by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar in her Telegram channel.

«The enemy offensive continues in the East. Round the clock attacks. The situation is tense Yes, our hard. You can see for yourself what kind of war the Russian Federation is waging. But our fighters do not allow the enemy to achieve their goals and inflict very serious losses. In particular, in some assault detachments of the PMC «Wagner» and in subdivisions of the 2nd AK, losses amount to 80% of the personnel»,— noted Malyar.

According to her, the evacuation of the dead and wounded by the enemy is limited or does not occur at all.

«As a result, among the personnel of the Russian occupying troops in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, there is a significant decrease in the level of trust in the decisions of the command for the conduct of hostilities», — added the Deputy Minister of Defense.

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