Malyar named updated data on the liberation of the Kharkiv region

The painter named updated data on the liberation of the Kharkiv region

In Since September 6, about 8,500 square kilometers of territory, about 388 settlements, about 150,000 people have been liberated in the Kharkov region. Such updated data was provided by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar on Facebook.

She noted that it is very important to perceive these data in the general context of the war, and not separately.

« We have a 2,500 km front line. Of these, 1,300 km are active hostilities. We are conducting a defensive operation, within the framework of which it is possible to carry out offensive actions. Yes, we have been waiting for this success for a long time, but we still have to fight and fight», wrote Malyar.

Regarding the liberated territories in the Kharkiv region, the figures are constantly being updated, because the process is in dynamics, noted deputy minister.

In addition, the liberated territories still need additional security and stabilization measures in order to be able to live there safely.

«Therefore, the official messages with figures of liberated settlements are provided with a deliberate delay and may or may not take into account the stabilization measures taken, and therefore — differ», – Malyar explained.

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine have established fire control over almost the entire territory of the Kherson region.

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