Malyar: “Wagnerites” are trying to break through the defenses of Soledar, but to no avail

Painter: The Wagnerians are trying to break through Soledar's defenses, but without success

Russian mercenaries continue their attempts to completely capture Soledar. This was reported by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar in her Telegram channel.

“Heavy fighting continues in Soledar. After the losses suffered, the enemy once again replaced his units, increased the number of Wagnerians, is trying to break through the defenses of our troops and completely capture the city, but is not successful, & # 8212; Maliar said.

  • At night, the press service of the owner of PMC «Wagner» Prigozhina published a photo allegedly from the salt mine of Soledar and reported that the entire territory of the city was allegedly taken under the control of Russian mercenaries.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine assured that the occupiers do not control the city.

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