Malyuk: State Bureau of Investigation is investigating why the Russian Federation quickly occupied the south of Ukraine

Malyuk: SBI is investigating why Russia quickly occupied southern Ukraine

The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating how Russian occupying forces moved very quickly from occupied Crimea into southern Ukraine on 24 February. This was reported by acting. Head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk in an interview for the TV channel «1+1».

«The relevant criminal proceedings are in the State Bureau of Investigation. They are investigating, many examinations are being carried out today. I have no right to reveal the cards, this is their production. We cannot violate the principle of secrecy of the investigation, however, as far as I know, the investigation is already at the final stage», — said Malyuk.

According to him, a traitor exposed in the ranks of the SBU, — the former head of the Crimean head office of the security service, Colonel Oleg Kulinich. He conducted anti-terrorist exercises there, without coordinating this with the head of the anti-terrorist center under the SBU.

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