Man narrowly saved from burning car by five 'heroes'

Man narrowly saved from burning car by five “heroes”

The men tried in every way to get the driver out of his immobilized vehicle.

A 36-year-old man who suffered a 'medical incident' is alive thanks to the efforts of 5 witnesses who risked their lives to extricate him from his vehicle as flames began to take hold.

An incredible story of heroism, says Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sergeant Kerry Schmidt.

He reports that the motorist was driving erratically. It veered right and then left before crashing into the Queen Elizabeth Freeway guardrail near Cawthra Street in Mississauga.

Five men aboard a car saw the accident happen.

After only a few seconds, they began to see smoke, then flames, says the sergeant. The witnesses then got out of their vehicle and tried to get the driver out, still inside his automobile.

The men tried in every way to open the driver's door of the vehicle with punches and kicks.

Finally, a person came with a hammer.

The OPP posted on its twitter account a video of the rescue, recorded by motorists.

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One of the witnesses started hitting the car window and was able to smash it. The men were then able to pull the driver out of the vehicle as the flames got bigger and bigger.

“Seconds later , the car was completely engulfed in flames.

— OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt

The car was already on fire when emergency services arrived. Sergeant Schmidt also specifies that he does not know the origin of the flames.

The driver of the vehicle regained consciousness shortly after being saved. He was not injured in the crash.

Without the actions of these five angels, the driver would not be alive today, he argues. They put their health and well-being at risk in an attempt to save this man.

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt has a final message for these five brave men.

< p class="e-p">You are heroes. If I should ever find myself in such a situation, I hope you will be on the road behind me.

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