Manager Britney Spears: “Sometimes she had to give a complete stranger’s mobile…

Manager Britney Spears: “Sometimes she had to give a complete stranger’s mobile…

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To escape her father’s strict custody, pop singer Britney Spears occasionally had to borrow a cell phone from a complete stranger to call her manager. Jamie Spears certainly couldn’t trace her that way. That’s what her former manager Sam Lufti told The New Yorker.

Sam Lufti (46) has been banned from contacting Britney Spears since 2019. Her father Jamie Spears demanded a restraining order against him, because he would not manage her business well. But that doesn’t stop him from opening his mouth every now and then.

That’s how he told The New Yorker that Britney used strangers’ phones to make sporadic calls to him. “There is no contact for years, and then suddenly, out of the blue, she calls me from a closet,” he says.

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Lufti suspects Britney’s cell phone is being checked by a legal team. “The last time she called me she was at Ralphs (grocer, ed.), in Calabasas,” said Lutfi. “After she hung up, I got a call from the same number. An Asian doctor was on the phone. And he said: Wow this is unreal Britney just borrowed my phone. And five years ago she borrowed a cell phone at the gym and just ran.”

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