Marina Poroshenko in London tried to snatch the phone from the hands of a journalist

Marina Poroshenko in London tried to snatch the phone from the hands of a journalist

The fifth President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, together with his wife and children, was noticed in one of the most expensive hotels in London. The family of the politician was accidentally noticed by TSN journalist Natalya Goncharova.

The journalist approached the family of the politician with the phone turned on, which Marina Poroshenko did not like: she first asked a question about the shooting in an elevated tone, then tried to pick up the phone.

– Central London. The most expensive of the British hotels. Here, one of my acquaintances made an appointment to transfer medicines for a child from Ukraine, which are not sold without a prescription in London. So I ended up in a place where the cheapest room per night costs 1300 euros. The most expensive is almost five thousand. With a refined restaurant in a classic royal style. And so, by chance, here, during breakfast, I met the Poroshenko family. All except the eldest son Alexei, – said Goncharova.

Judging by the video, the journalist approached the politician's family, saying hello and asking how long they had been in London. Marina Poroshenko, seeing the phone, asked, “Are you filming?”

In response, Petro Poroshenko puts his hand on his wife’s leg, hoping to calm her down, and asked “Don’t yell.” After that, the fifth president leaves the table and politely answers questions. According to the politician, he and his family arrived in London three hours ago and must leave in 5 hours, as he is picking up cars.

The conversation is interrupted by Marina Poroshenko, who is trying to take the phone from the journalist. After a little calms down and sits back at the table. Poroshenko apologizes for his wife's behavior.

– It is a pity that the hotel is unlikely to agree to give video from surveillance cameras in the restaurant. To show how stubbornly Marina undertook to twist my arm to pick up the phone. With a wife like that, you don't need protection. The proof is my extended nail, which she managed to tear. What is not so easy to do when the nails are extended, – Natalya Goncharova comments on what happened.

Poroshenko, in a conversation with a journalist, said that his children are not safe, because “we are at the front.” And he works at the hotel. At the same time, TSN, citing its data, reported that Oleksiy, the eldest son of Poroshenko and People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation, was seen in Zurich. Since the beginning of the war, he reminded himself once – on March 5, he wrote a post on social networks. .jpg” alt=”Marina Poroshenko in London tried to snatch the phone from the hands of a journalist” />

The youngest son, 21-year-old Mikhail, was with his parents in London. Poroshenko himself also visits London regularly: he was already seen there in early June while walking with his daughter.

At the end of May, Poroshenko tried several times to leave Ukraine. The first two times the border guards did not let the politician out of the country. For the third time, the politician wrote an open letter to the current head of state, Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he stated that, together with the authorities, he was “working to strengthen Ukraine” and nevertheless managed to cross the border with Poland.

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