Marine Lorphelin, absent from the Miss France election: “I had no choice”, she explains

While her little sister Lou-Anne is in the running to win the title of Miss France this Saturday, December 19, 2020, Marine Lorphelin will shine by her absence. Indeed, the former beauty queen had to ignore the ceremony and she reveals the reasons in video.
Only a few hours before Clémence Botino gives up her crown and her scarf. This Saturday, December 19, 2020, a new young woman will be elected Miss France live from Puy du Fou. They are 29 to dream of winning this title , including Lou-Anne Lorphelin , Miss Burgundy. The latter is none other than the little sister of Marine Lorphelin , crowned Miss France 2013. Never mind, the director of the committee, Sylvie Tellier , assured that no preferential treatment had been granted to Lou- Anne , who remains a candidate ” like the others”. Still, of course, the arrival of her eldest Marine was eagerly awaited on election night. But as she had already announced on the Children of TV set last November, she will ultimately not be able to attend. .

The young medical student had then mentioned ” personal reasons ” without saying more. However, it was possible to imagine that she would fly to Tahiti for her longtime companion Christophe . Did the duo plan to get married there after having already had to postpone their union? As a reminder, Marine Lorphelin had been seen at Printemps Marriage in Paris for “dress fittings” … But now, the intervention of the pretty brunette on Instagram did not suggest anything so pleasing. ” I hope you are well, that you have the shape, a little more than me, but it is all the same. I tell you everything after, you will understand”, she declared, mysterious and the mine extinct, the time of a Story.

A little later in the day, Marine Lorphelin put an end to the suspense of her fans and once again spoke. ” Well I’m sorry if I scared you earlier with my stories, I was just very tired, ” she reassured first. We quickly understand that it is very far from Paris: ” As you can see, I am in a hotel room, on the other side of the world, in New Caledonia . I am very happy to be here. because I will be able to find my companion, ”she finally reveals. So that’s the reason for his absence!

Marine Lorphelin specifies that she decided to stay in the territory ” several months ” after seeing a battle to leave. ” You should know that it is very complicated today to be able to travel between New Caledonia and the metropolis, it is subject to requests for files etc, so there you are, I did not have the choice of tickets, of my departure, so I left on December 17th “. The 27-year-old brunette thought she could participate in the Miss France ceremony, until it was postponed . ” I was delighted to be able to go and support my sister, to participate in this centenary, it was very important to me, and finally they decided to postpone the election until December 19,”.

Somewhat disappointed, Marine Lorphelin is nevertheless delighted to be able to find her dear Christophe soon, but still have a little patience … ” I am in obligatory fortnight so I will have a lot of time for you, I will spend time connected to this that’s for sure, “she puts into perspective. Evil for good for the former beauty queen who will be able to enjoy total freedom thereafter. ” They don’t have a case of Covid, so they can live normally, without a mask, the restaurants and bars are open , the cultural places are open, that’s their reality, their daily life. And I think that’s fine with me. do good to live like that for a few months . We imagine !

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