Masi Nayem told in which cities and how many people saved his life

Masi Nayem told in which cities and how many people saved his life

Wounded at the front, Masi Nayem, on Medical Worker's Day, told how many people saved his life . A well-known Ukrainian lawyer wrote on his Facebook page that before taking him to the Dnieper, they tried to stabilize his condition in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

– As the doctors said, after such an injury, few remain in memory, but my brain saved, and I freely think and even analyze everything that happened, – he said.

Nayem was taken from the front to Slavyansk thanks to a colleague with the call sign Biker. In the city, the lawyer's condition was stabilized by local doctors and employees of the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital named after Nikolai Pirogov, a non-governmental organization of medical volunteers that provides assistance to the wounded at the front.

The team of the international humanitarian organization Migrant Offshore Aid Station transported the lawyer to the Kramatorsk Hospital (MOAS). The operation was carried out by a team based on the third medical company. Masi Nayema ​​evacuated the MOAS crew from Kramatorsk to Dnipro, consisting of a Ukrainian driver, a paramedic from Turkey and an anesthesiologist from Poland.

Brother Masi Nayem, ex-people's deputy, and now Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mustafa Nayem, said that for the second week half of his life has been spent in the hospital. According to him, the fighter with the callsign Biker was the only one in the car who was not injured.

– If the brother had been delivered (to Dnipro, – Auth.) half an hour later, something irreparable could have happened – a hematoma in the eye began put pressure on the brain and there was a big threat of a breakthrough of the inner membrane and infection … Many were shocked that they managed to deliver their brother from Kramatorsk to the hospital in the Dnieper in just two and a half hours. Usually it takes up to three and a half hours, and about six before the road is repaired … An incredible coincidence is that the Ukrainian MOAS team is coordinated by two Afghans from Kabul – Said and Zamir, and the road was repaired two years ago by a team in which I’m working now… The operation lasted almost seven hours and ended at around 3 am,” Mustafa Nayem wrote on Facebook.

It became known on June 5 that Masi Nayem was seriously wounded in the head at the front. The lawyer was in a coma and lost an eye.

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