Mass Media Created Base of Russian Military Facilities in Crimea, Potentially Affected by Ukrainian Armed Forces | PHOTO | VIDEO

Media created a base of Russian military installations in Crimea that could potentially be hit by APU | PHOTO | VIDEO

Crimea.Realii, together with the Schemes project, created a base of military facilities on the Russian-occupied peninsula, which could potentially become a target for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is reported by Radio Liberty.

The journalists collected and analyzed more than a hundred and fifty Russian military sites with their exact coordinates, selected the most important ones and viewed their current state on Planet Labs satellite images.

It is from the occupied Crimea that Russia makes most of the launches of cruise missiles &#171 ;Caliber» on Ukrainian settlements.

One of the main military facilities in Crimea is the port of Sevastopol, where, shortly before the full-scale invasion, Russia pulled numerous ships not only from the Black Sea, but also from the Baltic and Northern fleets.

In particular, on satellite images of Planet Labs for November 9, which are at the disposal of journalists & # 171; Schemes & # 187; and «Krym.Realii», large landing ships (projects 1135, 1171, 775), patrol ships (22160), missile boats (projects 1239, 1241) and a cruiser (project 11356) — this is either the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation «Admiral Makarov», or its analogue «Admiral Essen».

Media created a base of Russian military facilities in Crimea that could potentially be hit by APU | PHOTO | VIDEO

It is near the bay «Holland» there is a part of the missile ships from which Russia launches & # 171; Caliber & # 187; missiles in Ukraine. According to military experts with whom the editorial staff spoke, & # 171; Caliber & # 187; are stored not only in the launch silos of the ship, but also in the Crimean military warehouses, and therefore are a potential site for future attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Separately, journalists drew attention to military facilities in Dzhankoy. First of all, to the airfield, which, after stopping the offensive of the Russian army in southern Ukraine, became its main logistics hub and home base for attack helicopters: namely, Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-35, Mi-8. The airfield also often receives cargo planes and Su-25 attack aircraft.

 The media created a base of Russian military facilities in Crimea, which could potentially be hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine | PHOTO | VIDEO

Belbek airfield is located near Sevastopol. Basically, fighters are stationed there. In particular, Su-27, Su-27SM, Su-34 and MiG-31 were spotted at the airfield in Planet Labs images for November 15.

Media created a base of Russian military facilities in Crimea that could potentially be hit by APU | PHOTO | VIDEO

< p>One of the main air groups of the Russian army is also located at the airfield in Gvardeisky, where Su-25 attack aircraft and Su-24 bombers are concentrated. It is these aircraft that Russia most often uses to carry out short-range airstrikes on Ukrainian territory.

In total, journalists counted 10 active military airfields and two aircraft factories in Crimea. Each has ammunition depots and tanks with fuel and lubricants, which only increase the destructive effect during an explosion.

Ukrainian military experts, with whom journalists spoke, expect that there may be new explosions in Crimea. In their opinion, what exactly becomes the target depends on where the tactical reasons are, as well as — from the vulnerability of the Russian defense.

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