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Reggio Emilia, April 16, 2021 – “The world of work it will change as we emerge from the pandemic and so will businesses and cities themselves. However, we understand the differences between agile work and housework: the latter is what many today are forced to do, but in the future it will not be so “.
The prof Matteo Rinaldini, associate of ‘Sociology of economic and labor processes’ al Unimore Department of Communication and Economics: the Reggio teacher has just been called to be part of a group of eight experts at the Ministry of Labor: they will have to study the situation and elaborate proposals to define guidelines on smart working in the public and private sectors for the dicastery headed by Andrea Orlando.

Professor what will your role in the ministry be?
“I imagine we will support a decision-making process that, seeing the end of the pandemic, will have to be completed. We are colleagues from different disciplines and we will apply ourselves in the studies and analysis of the situation today and in the future”.
What’s the situation?
“In the meantime, it must be borne in mind that not all workers have physically left the company because many in this year have never stopped going to their factory or office every day. Having said that, today many do home working and not smart working” . What are the differences?
“Agile work, smart indeed, is a way of performing outside the company walls, but almost never at home. Smart working is done in co-working places or from any other place near or far. Home working instead it is work from home. Complex issues that we will have to solve because work will not be in the living room forever “. What the future of work will be like ?
“A part of the people will be destined to do mixed work, maybe a couple of days in the office and the rest out, even though I believe that this slice will not be as large as it is now. Of course, once the pandemic is over, we will not return en masse to the workplace like previously”.
What will this entail?
“A new organization Coordination, both vertical and horizontal interdependence with colleagues will change. We will have to try to reduce various critical issues by focusing on the issue of knowability of work performance. For some the work may be timed, for others for objectives” .
Is there a productivity problem?
“I don’t think that remotely, in general, there is a reduction in productivity that someone fears. In fact, we are often working more at home, without schedules”.
Which categories will be subject to smart working?
“I would talk about tasks rather than categories and clearly general office work will be easier to relocate. But the changes largely depend on the development of technologies over the years.”
How society has changed ? “We will come out of the long period of home working tried, very tired. Today, in fact, there is tiredness and confusion: if at the beginning of the pandemic we lived like in a bubble, today perhaps anguish and fatigue prevails a little”.

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