Maurice “Mom” Boucher's secret blacklist of personalities to assassinate

Maurice “”Mom” Boucher”s secret blacklist of personalities to be murdered

The former chief of police Jacques Duchesneau and former Minister of Public Security Serge Ménard were notably on this list.

Maurice “Mom” Boucher

At the turn of the 2000s, late Hells Angels warlord Maurice “Mom” Boucher planned to assassinate Montreal's former police chief, security minister, and public figures in the media world.

Former Police Chief Jacques Duchesneau, former Public Security Minister Serge Ménard, late police affairs reporter for Journal de Montréal< /em> Michel Auger and the former host of the show J.E.Jocelyne Cazin were part of this list kept secret by the Nomads, the armed wing of the Hells Angels.

Maurice Boucher did not know any of them personally. What he wanted to do was to strike the imagination by attacking people who had important roles, including the judicial system, explains Guy Ouellette, independent MP for the constituency of Chomedey in the National Assembly and former biker specialist.

The former warlord therefore had an official blacklist of enemies to kill, but also a secret list of personalities who had no direct involvement in the conflict between the Hells Angels and the Rock Machines.

Of this list, Michel Auger was the first shot at close range in the parking lot of the Journal de MontréalSeptember 13, 2000. Caught by surprise by a gunman waiting for him in the daily's parking lot, the investigative journalist was shot six times in the upper body as he got out of his car.


The late police affairs journalist, Michel Auger, survived an attempted murder with a gun in September 2000.

It was he himself, by miraculously surviving this attack, who revealed the existence of a blacklist of public figures to be killed because they were damaging the image and Hells Angels expansion.

Jacques Duchesneau, who was Montreal's former police chief, was second in the list. He had not only founded the Carcajou squad to counter the criminal activities of the Hells, but he had also made representations in Ottawa to lead to the first version of the anti-gang law of the 1990s, added a police source, always in Criminal Investigation Department.

The former host of the show J.E. Jocelyne Cazin and the former Minister of Public Security Serge Ménard were to be the next victims.

Maurice Boucher was what I would call a sociopath. He had no feelings for the fate of others. Beyond the list of public figures, he had the ambition to also kill Crown prosecutors and judges, adds the investigator, who prefers not to be identified.

By trying to bring the judicial system to its knees, Maurice Boucher wanted to show those around him that he was the strongest.

This way of imposing himself by fear also had a deterrent effect for his contract killers who might have been tempted to sink him with the police in exchange for protection. Maurice Boucher gave them the message that the system would not be able to protect them from him, specifies the former specialist in criminal bikers at the Sûreté du Québec Guy Ouellette.

Before Operation Spring 2001, he was so violent that even street gangs were afraid of him, police sources say. The dismantling of the Nomads chapter has somehow contributed to the rise of street gangs in Montreal, these sources add.

Upon learning of the death of Maurice “Mom” Boucher, ex-policeman Guy Ouellette also had a thought for Diane Lavigne, shot dead on June 26, 1997 after a shift at the Bordeaux prison.


In my diary, I had the date of June 26, 2022. 25 years ago, she was coldly murdered for the simple pleasure of Maurice Boucher to want to intimidate the prison environment by the fear, reminds Guy Ouellette.

This woman died without knowing why. It was purely free. If she hadn't had her prison guard shirt on when she left work, she wouldn't have been fired by Stéphane Gagné, who had been ordered to kill prison guards at the request of Maurice Boucher , he specified.

In September 1997, Pierre Rondeau, also a prison guard, was shot dead at the wheel of his prison van, at the height of a crossbeam of railroad.

I don't expect an official funeral for Boucher from the Hells Angels, who put him out a few years ago . That's how it is in this business, you do the trick when you fill everyone's pockets with money. The day you are sentenced to life in prison, you no longer have any use for the organization, concludes Guy Ouellette.

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