Max Pokrovsky – about checking the song “Generation Z”: Didn't expect good news

Max Pokrovsky - about checking the song “Generation Z”: I didn't expect good news

Leader of the Russian group “Nogu Svelo!” Max Pokrovsky wrote down an appeal after information that their song “Generation Z” was being checked for “discrediting” the Russian army.

– Yesterday, information was received that the Investigative Committee of Russia decided to initiate an inspection of our song “Generation Z” in order to discredit the Russian army. I will not comment on this, because everything is clear to everyone. What will most likely follow is also clear, – said the musician.

Pokrovsky also warned that strangers send emails on his behalf.

– My close friends began to receive emails supposedly from me. My name is on there, but not my real address… Please be careful if you receive an e-mail from me. Make sure it's really sent from my real address, he noted.

In a written comment, the soloist “Nogu Svelo!” admitted that he did not expect good news, although “in progressive circles” such news (about verification) is equated with a sign of quality.

– And now … not about me: be careful, do not rush to automatically “click” the links that come to you. Dark times force us to change our habits, he concluded.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “Nogu Svelo!” released the songs “Letter Zyu”, “Generation Z”, “We don't need war!” and “Back, Russia!”. On June 12, on the Day of Russia, the song “Ukraine” will be released. The clip “Generation Z” scored more than 4.6 million on YouTube.

In 2015 and 2016, “Nogu Svelo!” gave concerts in the Crimea, because of which Max Pokrovsky was brought to the Peacemaker website for “deliberately violating the state border of Ukraine.” The musician said that he would not have gone to the peninsula if he had known about the threat of a ban on entry into Ukraine. The artist also said that “politicians have brought the situation with the Crimea to such an absurdity.” He noted that on the maternal side he is Ukrainian, and his relatives live in the Dnieper.

Max Pokrovsky - about checking the song “Generation Z”: Didn't expect good news

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